Our District strives to manage all taxpayer dollars wisely.


If the referendum is approved, property taxes will increase on residences. The increase on a home with an estimated market value of $100,000 would be $224.64 per year or $18.72 per month if all referendum questions pass.

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Ag2School Tax Credit

What does the Ag2School Tax Credit mean for the  2018 ISD 601 Referendum?

The Ag2School Tax Credit is one of the more notable outcomes of the 2017 special legislative session and creates a more fair State share of school facility costs by targeting property tax relief to farm property for taxes paid on school bonds.

Who qualifies/what land qualifies for the credit?

Net Tax Capacity (NTC) of Qualifying Agricultural Property includes all class 2a (homestead and non-homestead ag land), 2b (rural vacant land) and 2c (managed forest land) property except the dwelling value (house, garage  and one acre) of the property. (For more info MS 273.13 subd. 23)

How is the Ag2School Tax Credit calculated?

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What is the School Debt Tax Rate and how is it figured?

The levy payments for the following General Obligation (G.O.) Bond issuances, (and any subsequent refundings), are included in the school debt tax rate calculation and qualify for the new Ag2School Tax credit:

  • G.O. Tax Abatement Bonds

  • G.O. School Building Bonds

  • G.O. Facilities Maintenance Bonds

  • G.O. Capital Equipment Notes

  • G.O. Capital Facilities Bonds

  • G.O. Alternative Facilities Bonds

How do I figure out how my agriculture land could be affected by the referendum?

Have your parcel numbers ready and go to the Tax Impact Calculator.

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Estimated tax impacts are available using the Tax Impact Calculator below. You will need your parcel identification number to determine the estimated property tax impact for the November 6th referendum.